PM Modi congratulates Neeraj Chopra, says his achievement is special for Indian sports

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has congratulated Neeraj Chopra on winning a silver medal at the World Athletics Championships. He tweeted, ‘A huge achievement by one of our most iconic athletes! My best wishes to Neeraj Chopra on winning the historic silver medal at the World Athletics Championships. This is a special moment for Indian sports. Best wishes to Neeraj for his future endeavours. Neeraj Chopra won the Silchar Medal in the World Athletics Championships with a throw of 88.13 meters.

Anderson Peters of Granada won the gold medal. He threw 90.46 meters javelin. This is the first medal won by an Indian male player in the track and field event of this competition. However, before Neeraj Chopra, Anbu Baji has won a bronze medal in the George Long Jump in the track and field event of the World Athletics Championships. He did this feat 19 years ago, in 2003. Rohit Yadav of India was also in the same event. He finished 10th with a throw of 78.72 meters.

Neeraj Chopra’s performance in the final of the World Championship was as follows

first throw foul
second throw 82.39 m
third throw 86.37 m
fourth throw 88.13 m
fifth throw foul
sixth throw foul

Czech Republic’s Jakob Wadle finished third with a bronze medal. He threw his best throw 88.09 meters away. At the same time, Arshad Nadeem of Pakistan was also involved in this competition. He finished fifth. His best performance was 86.16 meters. Neeraj ended a 120-year drought at the Tokyo Olympics last year and became the first Indian to win a gold medal in the track and field event for India. Let us tell you that India’s dream of winning gold in the World Athletics Championships running for 39 years has not been fulfilled. The World Athletics Championships was organized for the first time in 1983.

Neeraj Chopra could not repeat the performance of the qualifiers
In the qualifier event of the World Championships, Neeraj had already made it to the finals by scoring 88.39m in the first throw. He finished first in Group A and second overall during the qualification round. His performance in the final was not like a qualifier. However, Neeraj Chopra in a conversation with News18 also explained the reason behind it. He said that the wind was blowing very strong during the final event, due to which the conditions were not favorable. So they had to face difficulties. Neeraj said that he is happy that he could win a medal for the country. Along with this, he also expressed satisfaction on his performance.

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