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Timing is the most important thing in cricket. That means playing the right shot at the right time. That’s why there is only one commonality between the best batsmen in the world and that is that their timing has no connection. The current BCCI officials may not have played first-class cricket, but they are lucky that their president Sourav Ganguly was famous for his excellent timing when batting in his era. BCCI introduced the same timing after earning about 50 thousand crores in IPL media rights. The board said in an official press release that now there will be a tremendous increase in the pension of former players. Everyone has praised this move of the board but this is only a first and a small step. If the board really wants this extraordinary earnings to be put to good use, then it will have to consider many suggestions.

1. Fans are the biggest heroes of the game

From Jagmohan Dalmiya to Lalit Modi are often made heroes when it comes to praising the BCCI for how they have transformed the financial position of the board by their professional mind and strategy. But, everyone forgets that no administrator can sell Indian cricket in the market in that revolutionary way unless he has a fan base of billions of people. Therefore, the first priority of BCCI should be that their fans get the respect they rightly deserve.

2. Lack of infrastructure

I hope that at some point of time you must have made rounds of the stadium for a cricket match in India. And this thing will not be hidden from you that how there is misbehavior with the fans in every field. How are they left to watch matches in the scorching sun where there is no arrangement for even water? Does BCCI still need excuses that it cannot provide such basic facilities to its fans?

3. Strange attitude towards female fans

Famous female journalist Sharda Ugra had recently mentioned in one of her articles that there is no such facility for female journalists like toilets in many grounds, far from female fans. Doesn’t the world’s richest board feel embarrassed about this?

4. Ho Apna Khelo India Festival of Cricket

In the last 25-30 years, the board has not been short of money, so why do not they adopt the superhit government plan Khelo India? Many brilliant talents in the country die prematurely because no one is present to guide them. After all, not every player is lucky like Mahendra Singh Dhoni and Jasprit Bumrah that despite all the difficulties, they get the hand of someone who cares.

5. Why the schedule is not available in advance

For this, the BCCI does not even need to spend Chavanni, but it is a very important thing for the fans. You don’t get to know long ago, in which country which format Team India will play against, in which country. Ashes series in England and Australia and tickets are announced 1 to 2 years in advance so that fans can plan their travel. In comparison, Team India has to tour the West Indies in the middle of July and its schedule has come in the first week of June. Leave aside the fans, it becomes difficult for even media organizations to do coverage as there are problems ranging from visa to flights at the last minute.

6. Where and when to get tickets

Where and when will I get the ticket and for how much? This is the question that this writer has been hearing from fans, relatives, friends and everyone before every match, but despite being associated with the media, there is often a lack of information about it. There are many basic questions that fans want to ask their board but they do not know who to ask if they ask. Shouldn’t BCCI have its own custom care number?

7. Free food at the stadiumDuring the crisis of Kovid, we saw how people from all over the country showed their kindness and fed the needy. The BCCI, which earns billions of rupees on the basis of its fans, can’t even feed the fans great food at the stadium for free? This will not have much effect on the budget of BCCI, but it is possible that the board will get such goodwill from this move, whose example will be given all over the world. This will be a unique move of the board in itself, which can make his image more brilliant and human.

8. Transportation for the fans

In countries like England and Australia, there is a great system of transportation for the fans on the day of the match, and there is a traffic jam in India. After all, why can’t the BCCI make such arrangements that the fans from every corner of the city reach the ground without any trouble and then return to their homes after the match is over.

9. Make water arrangements free now

If you have never visited Mumbai’s DY Patil Stadium, then let me tell you that on many occasions, a bottle of 20 rupees is divided into 5 glasses and sold for 20-20 rupees! Not only this, there is a crisis of pure drinking water in every stadium of the country. Can the board not even make arrangements for free drinking water to its fans despite earning so much?

10. Divyang should also get facilities

How many such stadiums are there in the country where special facilities are provided for the disabled? How many such grounds are there where there are such facilities for car or bike parking that you can say what is the matter. How many such grounds are there where there are all kinds of concrete arrangements to deal with the rain.

These are only 10 issues written here. In reality, there are thousands of such small issues, the time has come to correct them. BCCI cannot say that they have any shortage of resources. If seen in many ways, this is a time not now or never for the fans.

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