Ravi Shastri got emotional after seeing 37 year old car, narrated 3 stories related to it

New Delhi. Ravi Shastri, former Indian cricketer and head coach of Team India, shared the picture of his 37-year-old Audi car on social media. Shastri received this Audi-100 car in 1985 as a reward for being the Player of the Series in the Benson & Hedges World Championship. Shastri became emotional after seeing this car back in its 37 year old look and he shared pictures of this car for the fans. Industrialist Gautam Singhania’s Super Car Club garage has given this car an old look. He himself handed over the Audi-100 car to Shastri. It has taken about 8 months to bring it back to its old look.

Sharing the picture of this car on Twitter, Ravi Shastri wrote, “Looking at this moment, the old days are refreshed. This is the property of the country. Everything looks like the first day. I drive an Audi car and it is special for me to see it in the same look as before.”

Ravi Shastri has shared his picture with the Audi car he got in the prize. (ravi shastri twitter)

Let us tell you that India won the Benson & Hedges Cup in 1985 under the captaincy of Sunil Gavaskar. Then the Indian team defeated Pakistan by 8 wickets in the final held in Melbourne. Ravi Shastri played an unbeaten 63 in the final with a wicket. He performed brilliantly throughout the tournament and scored 182 runs and also took 8 wickets. Due to this all-round performance, he was adjudged the Player of the Series and was given an Audi-100 car as a reward.

After the restoration of this car, Ravi Shastri has told three interesting stories related to it in an article written for the Indian Express.

When Javed said – what are you seeing there again and again?
Ravi Shastri told in an article of Indian Express how he had a sweet fight with Javed Miandad during the final. Shastri wrote, “India needed 15-20 more runs to win. I was batting. Then Miandad said to me that why are you looking at the car again and again? She is not going to meet you. At the same time, I looked at the car carefully for the first time and then told Miandad Javed, don’t worry, this car is coming near me and what happened after that is history.

10 thousand people were there to see the car at the port
Bringing the Audi-100 car awarded to Shastri in India was also no less than a challenge. Then the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi had taken a big decision to waive the tax, so that this car could be brought to India. Shastri said, “8 to 10 thousand people were present outside the dock to see the car. I refused to drive the car. Because seeing such a crowd, I was afraid that I should not enter this car among the people. Till then I had not even learned to drive an Audi properly. However, a driver was found from Audi, who drove the car safely to my house and there was not a single scratch in it.”

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Can’t forget this car ride with daughter
The third interesting story that Ravi Shastri told related to this car is related to his daughter. Ravi said, “The best part about this is that my daughter saw the car for the first time in her life. She was sitting in it for the first time. In the coming time, I will ride this car again with my daughter. For me, it will be like the completion of one cycle of life.”

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