Not only dating, Tinder is being used to find new cricketers; Learn about the case in detail

New Delhi. Tinder is a dating app. With the help of this, people all over the world find their desired partner. If it is used to find cricket players, then one will be surprised. But, this is happening in England. Englefield Green Cricket Club in Surrey has come up with a unique way to engage budding players. This club has opened a Tinder account, presenting herself as a 36-year-old woman. The profile picture and bio of this account are also very funny. In this, a beer glass is placed near the boundary rope and a cricket match is going on in the background.

A post on Englefield Cricket Club’s Tinder account with the photo also read, “George, 36, looking for new players for Englefield Cricket Club.” Along with this, the club has also shared its email ID, Twitter account details. Funny reactions have also emerged on social media on this unique attempt to connect new players with the cricket club.

England’s Englefield Cricket Club has created a Tinder account in the name of a woman to add new players. (Englefield Green Cricket Club)

Many Twitter users have shared this post. A funny comment was made on this unique effort of the Cricket Club of Surrey from the Twitter page named @ThatsSoVillage. This user wrote, “Anglefield Cricket Club’s brilliant strategy to add new players, in an attempt to attract new players, the club introduced itself as a 36 year old woman on Tinder.”

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Funny reactions emerged on this unique attempt to find new cricket players on Tinder. (twitter)

Another user commented, “At 36, your team will actually be full of men aged 30+.”

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