Preparations to launch the first T20 cricket league in America, Indians like Satya Nadella, Shantanu Narayan invested

New York . Indian American businessman is in the forefront to popularize cricket in America too. Prominent Indian-American businessmen including Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella and Adobe CEO Shantanu Narain are making initial investments to launch the first professional T20 cricket league in the US.

Major League Cricket (MLC), the first professional T20 cricket league in the US, announced last week that it has raised Rs 3,400 crore in a first round of funding led by prominent US business leaders. In the next 12 months, a further fund of Rs 5800 crore will be raised under the next round of funding.

Satya Nadella is leading the funding
MLC is working on a plan to start the first T20 professional cricket league with a fund of more than $ 120 million i.e. 9000 crores. Satya Nadella led the fund raising of Series A and A-1 rounds of this league. This investor group ranges from leading corporate executives to tech business men who have led some of the world’s most prominent companies.

MLC said will promote cricket in the country
Major League Cricket co-founders Sameer Mehta and Vijay Srinivasan said the significant funding by an excellent group of investors will help Major League Cricket build first-class facilities. Along with this, the development of sports across the country will accelerate. This effort will bring world class professional cricket into the world’s largest sports market.

Nadella said – cricket is my passion
Regarding this league, Nadella said that while growing up in India, cricket was my passion. I have learned a lot about team working while playing cricket. It has come in handy throughout my career and this learning has stayed with me. Nadella was a member of his school’s cricket team. He said that I love watching Test cricket.

where the funds will be spent
The MLC said the $120 million investment will be primarily spent on building a stadium and training center to develop a new generation of American cricketers. Other investors include Soma Somsegar, MD of Madrona Venture Group, VC Anand Rajaraman and Venky Harinarayan, Founding Partners of Milliways Ventures, Zaiter Sanjay Govil, Chairman of Infinite Computer Solutions, and Managing Partner of Perot Jain.

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