Kindle Paperwhite – a review

Kindle PaperWhite


The doorbell rings. I have been eagerly waiting for this particular delivery for a while now!

Thanks to Amazon … They just sent me a Paperwhite Kindle to be reviewed. I am not new to Kindle , however the thought of holding a brand new state of the art e-book gave me a thrill.

I unpack and switch it on in no time. First thing I notice is the luminescent screen. This is a big improvement from the erstwhile Kindle which could be read only in light.

I download some books and decided to read them during my journey to Bangalore.

The paperwhite is easy on my eyes and the brightness can be controlled by an onscreen slider and of course it is perfectly sized. To turn the page you merely touch the screen or turn a page as you would in a regular book. 

There is a quick online dictionary which can be activated by touching the word for a second or so. To increase or decrease the font size you can pinch-out or pinch-in. There are several easy to access controls at the top.

Connectivity to internet is via wifi which is easy enough to configure and can be used to directly purchase ebooks.  Kindle also comes with a 3G variant and the best part is the 3G connection is already paid-for anywhere in the world! Isn’t that great? Hordes of features such as adding notes, access Wikipedia etc are very useful. Other useful controls and settings can be accessed by a tap at the top of the screen.

This Kindle Paperwhite is thinner and lighter than its predecessors. Battery appears to last forever on a single charge. It comes with USB cable for data interchange and charging but then you can use any of the new mini-USB chargers. Even yoy cell-phone charger may work.

Can the highly portable Paperwhite be able to counter the competitive world of e-book readers, well time will tell.

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