Lunchbox – Dabba

Review of Lunchbox – Dabba

It all starts with the one error in 8 million deliveries that “Mumbai Dabbawalas” make. Well they made it and that is the beginning of this story.

Irrfan is his superlative self giving the best and the spice of comedy sprinkled adequately by Nawazuddin of Gangs of Wasseypur fame. The newcomer Nimrit performed reasonably in her role as a wife to a professional. The story could have been much better and much crisper. The length of the movie could have been pruned given the story.


It has been widely acclaimed and has won in film festivals from Cannes , the Critics’ Week Viewers Choice Award and in Amsterdam the audience award.

Is it a love story? One would like to think so but to me it is more like people trying to escape the realities of life. One has too many problems and then one day one wants to run away from it all.

The plot revolves around a widower, Sajan (Irrfan), perhaps from an insurance company who is about to retire and the wife Ela (played by Nimrit)) of a professional something who takes care of the child and makes food for the husband and so on. One day the Lunchbox she has prepared for her husband gets delivered to the wrong person, Sajan. He likes the food and finishes it completely (unlike her husband,who never used to). That evening she realizes that there has been a mistake by the dabbawala.

Here is where the plot thickens. At the behest of the Auntie (living a floor above, whom we never get a sight of) , she resorts to writing letters in the box (Instead of rectifying the mistake) and gets replies too.

Sheikh (Nawazuddin) provides the laughs; otherwise the movie would have been a bit monotonous. Watching it late at night does not help either.

Worth a see if you don’t have anything else to do.

Rating as follows
Direction       ****
Story            **
Performance ****
Overall          ***