High Decibels, High Passion, High Court

India is Noisy!

There is no getting away from this fact. Unless you are in the serenity of Himalayas or some of the few places that offer you some peace, we Indians have learnt to put up with it. In fact we are out of place when we don’t hear the ambient noise of the traffic, people, and machineries all mixed into a potpourri of unintelligible jingle.

Several years ago when I first stepped out of the precincts of our dear motherland, I landed in Geneva on a Sunday. On way to the Hotel , the first thing that struck me was , “Where are the people?, Where is the noise?” . It was quite disorienting, to say the least. It is not unusual to have a traffic jam on a “lazy” Sunday afternoon in Mumbai or Delhi.




Recently passions rode high when people protested against Ganpati pandals and Durga Puja organizers , who had raised the bar to well above acceptable limits(!). They maintained that for them it was still within their acceptable limits 🙂 and Mumbai high court has upheld right to noise , said “

it is necessary have a balance in the noise pollution regulation and the rights of the citizens”.


So what if they have themselves may have violated Supreme court judgement on the subject and may well be in contempt of SC!

So what if rights of one section of the society who wants silence is ignored by the high court. They are after all the low-priced mango people not alphonso mango people 🙂

It is indeed one of our funda(mental) rights to hear noises. If one can have freedom of speech how can one restrict freedom of hearing. So what if the noise levels are so high that students cannot study, the sick cannot rest or the old people are disturbed or just some plain citizens (spoil sports 🙂 ) don’t want to hear noises. So what if you get deafness, rise in blood pressure, disturbance in sleep, mental agitation to the extent that some people become violent. So what if babies are born with permanent problems or pre-maturely.

As I ponder over these issues at past midnight in a Mumbai local I realize that the train , with its motor and the rattling doors and windows, is extremely noisy, well beyond acceptable limits. It seemed to mock at the anti-noise groups and the law of the land.