World Tapas Day : A Journey to the Flavors of Spain

*On 15th June, the Tourism Offices of Spain (Turespaña) all over the world and the gastronomical association ‘Tasting Spain’ celebrate Tapas Day globally, an occasion to commemorate and promote the Spanish gastronomy around the world. *

This year, Tapas Day celebrations will be held in 31 countries within Europe, America and Asia where more than 70 marketing and communication activities with media and consumers will take place in collaboration with 733 restaurants and more than 100 sponsors and partners worldwide.

Showcase the diversity of the Spanish gastronomy by the ‘tapas’ concept aims to be an annual event to be hosted on the third Thursday of June with international acknowledgement and is recognized as a day to celebrate the Spanish culture and values.

The Tourism Board of Spain (Turespaña) has appointed the Spanish gastronomy as one of the driving forces to promote the diversity and values of Spain as a tourist destination. As a result, amongst all the visitors to Spain during 2016 more than 7.7 million international tourists enjoyed any kind of gastronomy related activity.

*Why Tapas?*
Tapas is a word recognized worldwide as a symbol of the Spanish gastronomy. They are an important part of the Spanish gastronomical culture as they are consumed across the country and they prove the passion for life of Spaniards, because Tapas are not only about enjoying good food, but also about sharing and socializing!

*What happens on ¨World Tapas Day¨?*
World Tapas Day is celebrated simultaneously in Spain and 31 countries around the world and presents a complete programme of tastings, show cookings, activities in local markets, and more… Conducted by the moto ‘*World Tapas Day: a Journey to the flavors of Spain*’.

*India and Spain, the same passion for gastronomy*
India, as Spain, has great gastronomical diversity and the passion for good food. Both countries share the same hospitality values and the pleasure of sharing great moments around a meal. Therefore, Indians have shown an increasing interest in Spanish gastronomy. In this sense, in the last edition of the Lonely Planet Magazine India Travel Awards, Spain has been awarded *‘The Best International Destination for Food & Drinks 2017’*.

*The World Tapas Day in India*
This year, the celebrations to commemorate the Spanish gastronomy in India will take place in Delhi, Mumbai and Bengaluru where the Tourism Office of Spain based in Mumbai has coordinated a gastronomical week with local partners: the Four Seasons Hotel Mumbai, the Sevilla Restaurant at The Claridges in New Delhi and the restaurants Caperberry and Fava in Bangalore.

Furthermore, Chef Alejandro Espinosa, Executive Chef at ‘El Patio de la Catedral’ in Segovia (Spain) is travelling to India to collaborate in some of the events hosted in Mumbai and Bangalore.

All information related to Tapas Day events in India can be found at the microsite designed for the occasion. Also, social media campaign will be conducted with the hashtag *#TapasDay.*

So all you foodies out there! Celebrate your love for good food and don´t forget to enjoy these delicious combinations of miniature culinary delights during the week of *World Tapas Day celebrations commencing from 13th June, 2017*.