The Best City for Travel in 2018 by Lonely Planet

Alcázar, Seville © Seville Tourism Board lonely planet lemonicks

Seville is the best city to visit in 2018, according to the prestigious Lonely Planet travel guide. The metamorphosis of the Andalusian capital into a cultural and sustainable destination along with the celebration of Murillo Year in 2018 have been the key factors to obtain this prestigious designation.*

It is the first time that the internationally recognized travel guide, Lonely Planet, has nominated a Spanish city as the first position of its *Best in Travel *annual list. When they picked Seville the publishers and experts considered its enormous historical and artistic wealth as well as its revitalisation over recent years and, most especially, the *Murillo Year *celebration to be held during 2018 mainly. In addition, the city will host the 31st European Film Awards in 2018.

Alcázar, Seville © Seville Tourism Board lonely planet lemonicks

Alcázar, Seville © Seville Tourism Board

Furthermore, Seville has showcased its outstanding heritage and landscapes during the past years through the TV drama ‘Game of Thrones’ primarily as the beautiful reign of *Dorne*, as also the basement of the *Red Fort* in * Kingslanding* or the impressive *Dragonpit. *

The news was announced worldwide during an event in the Plaza de la Virgen de los Reyes (Seville) by Lonely Planet executives and delegate of Culture Antonio Muñoz.

“The fact that Lonely Planet designated Seville as a favorite destination, that is, the best city in the world to visit in the year 2018, based on a decision made by tourists, experts and its editorial line is fundamental in positioning Seville as an essential destination for anyone who wants to travel next year”, said delegate Mr. Muñoz while expressing his thanks, and then added that, “it is a recognition in capital letters for the entire tourism sector of the city and all the people who go touring day by day. We are a puzzle around tourism and this prize belongs to all of them”.

Seville – The Best City for Travel in 2018 by Lonely Planet

Plaza de España, Seville © Seville Tourism Board

Lonely Planet´s general director for Spain was put in charge of unveiling the reasons for selecting Seville. “It is the first time that a Spanish city receives this recognition, which is impressive. Seville has a lot of history and this recognition of the artistic wealth and vitality with which it faces the future together with the Murillo Year is fundamental in its being the best city to visit in 2018”, said Saldúa.

We encourage you to visit to see the Murillo Year programme, where you can also get tickets for the inaugural concert which will be performed by viol player and director Jordi Savall and for the exhibition ‘Murillo y su estela en Sevilla’ (Murillo and his legacy in Seville) curated by Professor Benito Navarrete.

*Best in Travel 2018 Title by Lonely Planet *
Lonely Planet’s publication Best in Travel 2018 is the highly anticipated best destination ranking that should be part of every good traveller’s wish list for next year and Seville is the recommended best of travel in 2018 by Lonely Planet. The leading travel guide publisher reveals its selection of the top 10 countries, cities, regions and destinations with the best value for your money that Lonely Planet experts recommend to travellers for 2018.

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