Now is the time to travel to Thailand!

Thailand to promote off-season with prizes and discounts for travellers

  • Every millionth entrant to Thailand wins a 5-night holiday to Thailand
  • 2,000,000 budget for the campaign, excluding promotional costs
  • At least 10 prizes to be won
  • 2 prizes a month on an average
  • Amazing Thailand Grand Sale discounts can also be availed till 15 August

In order to draw travellers to Thailand during the comparatively less busy months from May to September, the Tourism Authority of Thailand has introduced a campaign called the Green Season Tourism Marketing Promotion Programme.


Erawan Waterfall-Kanchanaburi – Thailand waterfalls are ever more breathtaking during the monsoon. Photo Credit TAT Mumbai



Under the new initiative the tourism board’s 28 overseas offices, including its two offices in India, will promote travel to Thailand during these traditionally slow months. Soraya Homchuen, director TAT Mumbai says, “Particularly for Indian travellers, Thailand’s monsoon or summer are not likely to pose any inconvenience or discomfort because Thailand’s weather conditions are similar to India’s but much milder. Our monsoon is enerally speaking, less heavy and our summer is usually not as hot as what one might experience particularly in western and southern India. Additionally, by travelling at this time they will not have to pay peak season rates and can therefore enjoy better value across budget, mid-market and luxury holidays.”

Moreover, Thailand’s rainforests and waterfalls are at their most beautiful during the monsoon. Nature-lovers, seekers of solitude and repeat travellers looking for new experiences in Thailand, might find it refreshing to witness Mother Nature in all her glory during this time. Some Thai destinations that might be even more alluring at this time include Kanchanaburi with its wealth of waterfalls and its rolling plains, Lampang with its hot springs and Trang with its rivers, national parks and waterfalls. Additionally, Chathaburi’s larger-than-life (think 15 tiers and more) waterfalls come to life at this time and being the fruit capital, now is a good time to enjoy its local treasures: Rakam and Sala varieties of zalacca and santol are abundant during May and June and Langsat Chamkho fruits between May and September. The monsoon is also the best time of the year to enjoy an orchard experience in Thailand. Suan Suphattra Land offers you an orchard tour that includes a fruit buffet where you can stop and eat as many of the fresh fruits as you like.

Ms Homchuen concludes, “I think that travellers can maximize benefits by travelling at this time – they will not only enjoy special discounts but also see a refreshing new face of the Amazing Thailand that they are accustomed to.”