Songkran Festival

Thai New Year

Songkran, Thai New year, is celebrated mid April every year. The entire country wears a festive mood and gears up for a multi-day cultural experience. Of late several visitors try to synchronize their visit to Thailand during the festival period and be part of it all.


Thai Tourism department invited me , alongwith other writers and bloggers, to celebrate a scaled down but much fulfilling version of Songkran at Four Seasons, Worli.





The refreshing welcome drink, a mix of Lemon grass, Lychee and coconut water, served with the quintessential tropical flowers transported us to the islands J. How I wish it was spiked with some thai wine 😉


                                  Delegates from Thai Governement


Elders sought Lord Buddha’s blessing

and we sought elder’s blessings by an offering of scented holy water. After which the gastronomical fares J

It was one of the best 4-course Thai food I ever tasted in India! And that too an all vegetarian fare (there was non-vegetarian dishes too for those who wanted it).

The spinach based fries in tamarind sauce for a starter,  and Spicy crispy rice with the unique sweet-sour flavor was mmmmmmmm J followed by the main course of jasmine rice with tofu, brinjal and lemongrass. The dessert, Alphonso mango-sticky rice was appropriate for the season & occasion and soon wished there would be more helpings 😉

                               Hats off to Seefah Ketchaiyo, the Thai Chef at San-Qi.


While gorging on the food I had formed a theory based on the fact that the festival coincided with New Year in Tamil Nadu,  Vishu in Kerala, Baisakhi in punjab, Bihu in Assam etc. It was later confirmed that the word Songkran is in fact derived from Sanskrit word Sankranti (actually Mesha-Sankranthi).

Songkran is celebrated in San-Qi restaurant at the Four Seasons Hotel from 8th to 15th April, 2014.