Extraordinary Tourist Train

Korea Launches “Extraordinary tourist train”


The Seohae Golden G-train, featuring the world’s first train rooms with “ondol”, Korea’s floor heating system, will be kicking into high gear on February 5, 2015. The train will depart from Yongsan Station and travel along the west coast to Iksan Station. The route of G-train is specially designed for travelers stopping by major tourists. These seven top tourist spots are nestled along the west coast, and for convenient access, the train will make stops in Asan, Yesan, Hongseong, Boryeong, Seocheon, Gunsan and Iksan.
The train is made up of seven cars, divided into three sections; an engine, a generator and five cabin cars. One car is constructed with ondol, where passengers can stretch their legs out in the room and chat with others. Ondol maru rooms can accommodate three to six people. Also, passengers can relax their feet in a foot spa while sipping tea. Tickets for the foot spa and ondol rooms are available in the train café, located in the third train car.
The fares are as follows:

Destination Fare
Onyangoncheon   USD 14  
Yesan   USD 16  
Hongseong   USD 18  
Daecheon   USD 21  
Janghang   USD 24.7  
Gunsan   USD 25.3  
Iks USD 27.4 

* All prices are for a one way ticket, departing from Yongsan Station. Ondol maru car: USD 4 (50% discount until February 28) Steamed foot spa: USD 5 Dry foot spa: USD 4
“It will be a good opportunity to explore some of the best tourist spots in Korea such as Hot Spring, Sudeoksa Temple, Daecheon Beach, Gunsan Modern History Street and Iksan Jewelry Museum through our newly launched Seohae Golden Train” says Mr. Byungsun Lee, Director, Korea Tourism Organization in India.