Huelva, Spanish Gastronomy Capital of 2017

Huelva Gastronomica

Food has always been an integral part of travel. We always try to find the best local food which are available at any destination.

Huelva Gastronomica

Doñana Huelva National Park

So, if you’re planning an escape to Spain this year, do not forget to stop by the Capital of the Costa de la
Luz, Huelva in Andalusia, which is the 2017 Spanish Capital of Gastronomy.

Gastronomy has always been

one of the main hallmarks of Huelva. Recognized worldwide for the quality and
exclusivity of many of its local produce and for a traditional recipe rich in nuances. Eating in Huelva is a privilege for the senses and an experience difficult to match, to which warm and friendly character of the people of Huelva can be added. A singular style in the format of bars and restaurants and careful service complete the gastronomic framework of the capital, which is why Huelva will open to the world and invites you all to savor a little piece of their land.

Thanks to its privileged location, which combines coasts and mountain ranges within the same region, Huelva is a
true paradise of flavours that will enchant all your senses. Vegetables garnished with the finest Virgin Olive oil
complement with seafood and meats, which can be accompanied with excellent Condado wines and followed by
exquisite fruits and Andévalo sweets.
Iberian pork holds a place of honour in local cuisine – as they say, “…del cerdo hasta los andares (every part of a pig is used, down to his gait)”. The crown jewel is Huelva´s Jamón (cured ham of Huelva) with Denominación de Origen Protegida (Protected Designation of Origin).
Moreover, apart from traditional dishes, you must also try the creative cooking done by their most fabled chefs,
who offer subtle dishes and exquisite tapas, prepared from natural ingredients from our land, that satisfy even the
most demanding of palates.
An endless variety of flavours, aromas y sensations: a true gastronomic experience that you’ll be able to enjoy in
the best of companies and in the most beautiful of places. Taste Huelva.

Huelva Gastronomica

Huelva Jamon

What can you expect to find during the Spanish Capital of Gastronomy 2017 celebrations?
Urban art initiatives, a gastronomic tourist train, the ‘Tasting Huelva’ photography rally, the ‘A chef cooks for you’
cooking workshops, thematic weeks devoted to local produce, tourist packages like ‘Today we’re eating Huelva’
(which includes accommodation, a set menu and a visit to the city). There will be an array of activities connected
with this denomination. Huelva will also host events such as the 2017 International Wine and Spirits Competition,
the 8th Virgin Olive Oil Tasting and the ‘Minimal’ Miniature Haute Cuisine Conference.
And when it’s time to eat… which typical products are worth trying?
Huelva’s three ‘star’ products are the Iberian ham, white shrimps and strawberries. You mustn’t leave without
sampling them. But also don’t forget many others like the famous ‘pescaito frito’ (cuttlefish, sea bream, marinade,
anchovies, etc.), Huelva extra virgin olive oil, the Isla Cristina salt-cured tuna or the Condado de Huelva
Denomination of Origin wines. On the restaurant menus, you’ll find dishes such as marinara style clams, tuna
cooked with onions, roasted sea bream, wedge shell clams, skate in paprika, tomato soup, ‘papas’ (potatoes) with
cuttlefish, etc.
Because you can enjoy more than just great food in Huelva…
Take advantage of your visit to Huelva to stroll around its old quarter and shop in its pedestrian streets
(Concepción, Palacio, etc.) with their traditional businesses. You can also visit the Odiel Marshes Natural Park. Did you know that one of the things that makes this area special is its connection with the discovery of the Americas? Near the city of Huelva you can visit the Monastery of La Rábida and the Port of Palos, where Christopher
Columbus started out from. In fact, this year sees the celebration of the ‘525th Anniversary of the Meeting of Two
Worlds’, with cultural events, commemorative regattas, craft fairs, etc. Other interesting sites in the province: Any of the fantastic beaches of the Costa de la Luz, Doñana National Park or the Sierra de Aracena y Picos de Aroche Nature Reserve.

Huelva Gastronomica


If you go to the Huelva area in early June, you can also enjoy the famous Romería del Rocío festival, a celebration
that combines religion and fiesta through the 17Km of pilgrimage of the Virgin of Rocío.
On, you can find Huelva’s most typical recipes, all the
events on the calendar and a list of restaurants you can visit.