57th Edition of the Religious Music Week in Cuenca

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The 57th Edition of the Religious Music Week in Cuenca is one of most popular festivals of the region of Castile-La Mancha and is celebrated in the province of Cuenca. It is considered to be one of the most important festivities of International Tourist Interest in Spain. This festival is an opportunity to enjoy all the emotion of the processions in addition to musical pieces performed by world-class orchestras and choirs. The festival is going to be celebrated from March 24 to April 8 this year.

57th Edition of the Religious Music Week in Cuenca

SMRC Cuenca: Concert-09, Orchestra and choir of RTVE, M. A. Gómez Martínez © Santiago Torralba/SMR

Cuenca Religious Music Week coincides with the Easter week celebrations. Every year it features important international orchestras and soloists. There is a wide and varied line-up of concerts, including new compositions, rarely performed works, old pieces recovered from history, and, of course, the great traditional works of religious music. The concert venues help to create a magical atmosphere: the cathedral, the old convent of Las Carmelitas, and the churches of San Miguel and Arcas, to name just a few. Tickets and reduced-price season tickets are available in advance by telephone or at the Theatre-Auditorium box office. There are also free concerts. Invitations should be collected at the venue one hour before the performance.

Here below is a short presentation of the series of events you can expect at the festivity:

  • Presentation of the Honor Awards SMR (Religious Music Week) 2018 ¨to the defence and dissemination of religious music¨ in individual and group modalities.
  • Presentation of the poster of the 57th SMR, by CRUZ NOVILLO, artist and designer, who has developed a project based on the work “Diafragma dodecafónico 8.916.100.448.256, opus 14” by the artist Cruz Novillo. It is a “chronocromophonic” work, in the words of its author, premiered at ARCO’10 and with a duration of 3,392,732 years, consisting of all possible combinations of 12 musical notes and 12 colors in 12-second fragments. Thus, each event of the 57th SMR will have its own sign, which corresponds to the instant in which the “Opus 14” is located at each moment.
  • The 57th SMR is the second edition by its new artistic director, the orchestra director Cristóbal Soler. Its ultimate goal: to achieve a sustainable programming model that maintains a balance between a tradition of more than half a century of existence and new contributions. The most outstanding: the creation of the SMR Academy which make up the Choir, Orchestra and soloists of the Week of Religious Music, permanent cultural embassy of the festival, beyond its presence in Cuenca and the Holy Week period.
  • Through the SMR-Transversal, both groups, orchestral and choral, will make successive tours of concerts throughout the year through the Community of Castilla-La Mancha and other communities in Spain. Soon, they will perform an unpublished program of Sacred Polyphony of the Cathedral of Cuenca, and the Requiem, K.626 of W. A. Mozart.
  • The main program, called Week of Passion, is formed by five large oratorios, led by the presence of the triple crown of J. S. Bach.
  • The SMR Academy will host four cycles: the SMR-ANTIGUA, which presents important recoveries of the sacred patrimony of the Cathedral of Cuenca.
  • SMR-CONTEMPORÁNEA through its Composition Cabinet, led by Francisco Coll, has been developing the compositional work of six young creators selected under the motive of the Dies Irae of the Requiem Mass, who will present their works in constant dialogue with six young values of the orchestral direction.
  • JOSÉ LUIS TEMES will be invited to present the “Project LUZ: Illuminated Spanish Symphonism”, with the screening of two films: Exequias for Fernando Zóbel, with music by José Luís Turina, and Rimas Infantiles, with music by María Rodrigo.
  • The SMR-SOCIAL will continue developing its work in order to fulfill the objective set out in the previous edition: bring music to the layers of society most in need of the therapeutic power of music through itinerant programs in hospitals and residences of the Seniors Projects like “The Pied Piper of Hamelin” and “Opera in Family” which presents an opera production
  • The programming of the 57th edition, within the SMR-CERCANA cycle will also include a series of lectures, musical rehearsals and masterclasses open to the public, which will bring together soloists, directors and groups of national and international prestige, and will contribute to maintaining excellence and recognition of this festival declared of International Tourist Interest.
57th Edition of the Religious Music Week in Cuenca


Be a part of this awe-inspiring festival which will make music your religion! For more information regarding the festival, you could log on to: http://www.smrcuenca.es/portal/lang__en/tabid__26462/home.aspx