7 Indoor Exercises To Keep You Fit During Monsoon

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New Delhi . The best time of the year to witness the full splendor of nature is during the monsoons. However, monsoon is notorious for its never-ending sickness and cold. One’s immune system is tested throughout the season. And it doesn’t stop there. There is always the possibility of contracting cholera, dengue fever, or other painful diseases. So, how can one enjoy monsoon while staying safe and sound? Good eating habits, exercise and adequate rest are some of the factors that can keep you safe during the rainy season.

Padangusthasana (toes): Padangusthasana is a fundamental asana in Ashtanga yoga. Padangusthasana stretches every muscle of the body from head to toe. It relaxes the body and pacifies restlessness. It is beneficial for flat feet among other things.

Trikonasana (triangle pose): Trikonasana is derived from the Sanskrit words ‘trikona’ (three corners) and ‘asana’ (posture). Trikonasana yoga, also known as the triangle position exercise, is a standing pose that improves strength, balance and flexibility.

Utkatasana (Chair Pose): The chair pose, also known as “strange chair pose” and “fierce stance” in Sanskrit, is a form of asana or yoga practice. The chair pose strengthens your legs, upper back and shoulders while improving balance and flexibility.

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