Lucknow: – The mummy kept in the state museum bears testimony to the Egyptian civilization

Report :- Anjali Singh Rajput, Lucknow

Even today, the Egyptian civilization is alive in the State Museum of Lucknow. Yes, a mummy of a 13-year-old girl kept in the State Museum in Lucknow Zoo still bears testimony to the years-old civilization of Egypt. This mummy is kept in the Jain Art Gallery. According to the experts of the museum, this mummy was brought to the State Museum in the year 1952. It was bought from a Britisher. This mummy is from Egypt and is 100 years old. Not only this, it is a 13 year old girl. It is said to be mummy. X-ray revealed that there is also a fracture in this mummy’s leg.

Museum experts told that the reason behind making mummies is the Egyptian civilization where people believed in reincarnation. Will find the body. That is why after the death of any human being, the people of the Egyptian civilization used to wrap the body of that person with a chemical bandage.

The shroud was made to resemble the face of a mummy.
Arshad Fatima, Assistant Director of the State Museum, told that this mummy has been kept inside a shroud. That shroud was made to resemble the shape of the mummy and it also has all the information about the mummy. After removing the organs, it is kept wrapped in a chemical bandage. This mummy remains the center of attraction for everyone. It was that this deity would protect the body of the mummy.

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FIRST PUBLISHED : May 22, 2022, 22:13 IST