fasting is the secret of longevity

We do not give time to the body from the work of digesting food, so the body is unable to focus on removing its disorders. Nowadays fasting based therapy is becoming increasingly popular in which the body is given the opportunity to make its own measures to keep itself healthy

Body The best thing for him is that he should be healthy, stay away from disease. If the body stays away from the disease, then there will be no need for treatment. In this matter, continuous research is being done all over the world and various remedies are coming out. One of them is fasting.
The human body is a wonderful machine in itself. Every human body is complete in itself. He himself arranges the energy necessary to keep himself alive. So how can it be so that there is no system in him to keep himself healthy? Leaving aside the modern method of connecting broken bones with nut-bolts, what usually happens when a bone is broken? It is brought to the right place and plastered, due to which the bone there itself grows and joins. Much of the treatment in allopathy is done in the same way in which the body is left to do its work by giving itself an environment to heal itself. One of the ways in which the body takes care of itself is by fasting.

Nobel Prize for Japanese scientist
To understand how effective fasting can be, one must go back a few years. The Nobel Prize in Medicine for the year 2016 went to Japanese biologist Yoshinori Osumi. Osumi is credited with discovering the process of ‘autophagy’. The Greek word ‘autophagy’ is derived from the combination of two words ‘auto’ and ‘phagen’. ‘Auto’ means ‘self’ and ‘Phagen’ means ‘to be eaten’. In this process, the body automatically eliminates the bad cells. When announcing the Nobel Prize, the judges said of Osumi’s research – ‘In this process cells eat themselves and disrupting this process can lead to diseases such as Parkinson’s and diabetes. If this autophagy process is not done properly, then the risk of developing cancer and many serious diseases related to the brain increases manifold.

According to research, the process of ‘autophagy’ is accelerated by fasting. During fasting, cells obtain energy for themselves by breaking down proteins and other cells. Damaged and sick cells are destroyed, new and healthy cells are made. Scientists believe that fasting for 12 to 24 hours helps in starting the process of ‘autophagy’.

Also confirmed by research in Germany
DZNE and Helmholz Center, two prestigious institutions in Germany, researched the effects of fasting on the body. For this, scientists made two groups of rats. One of them was made to fast and the other was allowed to eat and drink normally. The rats on which the fasting experiment was performed were given food on one day and only water on the second day. The scientists found that the rats that fasted lived five percent longer than the other group.

‘Ankh Triphala Dantnu Naun (salt) – fill the stomach – only three cones’
– Proverb of Brajbhasha
Triphala (Hard, Bahera, Amla) for eyes
Salt for teeth, and stomach instead of gulping
Keeping a portion empty is beneficial for health

Like humans, cancer is a major cause of death in rats, and scientists created two groups of rats to find out whether fasting has any effect on cancer. Fasted one and not the other. In this research, it was found that the rate of growth of cancer cells in the mice that were fasted was less than the mice fed the normal way. Cancer-fed mice that fasted lived for 908 days compared to 806 days that fed continuously.

Japan’s Yoshinori Osumi wins Nobel Prize for discovering properties of fasting

One thing is clear from this that the tradition of fasting in Indian culture is completely scientific. We had the knowledge of taking better care of our body from centuries ago and our sages had mastered the cultivation of our body. Fasting was combined with various rituals for common people to equally take advantage of that knowledge and enjoy a healthy life.

fasting methods
Today, the therapy of keeping the body healthy on the basis of fasting is becoming popular, at its core is the sense that the body has the ability to keep itself healthy, but the human body keeps the whole system busy in the work of digesting food. Because he does not get a chance to overcome his disorders. That is to say, leave the body’s systems empty for some time so that it can do something other than digesting food. And the way to give the body moments of leisure is fasting. There are many methods of fasting.
The first is that you should fast for 14-16 hours out of 24 hours every day. It sounds difficult, but it is not that difficult. All you have to do for this is to have dinner as early as possible. Experts say that if you make a little difference in your routine and eat dinner around 7 pm, then the work can be very easy. Because the night will pass in sleep and after that if you take breakfast at 9 o’clock in the morning, then fasting for 14 hours has become like this. It can easily be brought down to 16 hours with a little more practice. Yes, experts say that the first meal in the morning should be liquid. Then stop for a while and take food.

During fasting, the body speeds up the process of eliminating sick cells and at the same time slows down the rate of growth of disease-causing cells. During the research, it was found that rats who were fasted lived longer than rats who ate normal food.

Another way is by fasting throughout the day. Those for whom daily fasting is not possible, they can fast for the whole day at some intervals at their convenience. As the health related problems are getting worse all over the world, the need to keep the body away from diseases is being felt all around. There is also a bitter truth that as health services are becoming more expensive day by day, it is better to keep the body as healthy as possible. Today most of the countries of the world are struggling with the problem of obesity and the easiest way to reduce obesity in a natural way is to control the diet. Prohibition from things that increase obesity. Fasting is very effective in this context. Be that as it may, sooner or later, it is understood that the Indian tradition of fasting is not a fanatic, but the key to a 100% healthy lifestyle based on a scientific approach.