Health Tips: Symptoms, causes and treatment of ‘Rectal Prolapse’ disease common in women

new dilTook. There are also some serious diseases, whose unbearable pain patients continue to bear, but they shy away from telling anyone about that disease. These patients mention their illness when it not only becomes very severe, but its pain becomes beyond tolerable. Rectal prolapse is also such a disease, the pain of which the patient bears until he becomes tempted to stand or walk.

According to Dr. Sandeep Banerjee, Laparoscopic and Bariatric Surgeon, Apollo Spectra Hospital, rectal prolapse is more common in women than men. Most of the patients who are affected by this disease are more than 50 years of age. Sometimes this disease also makes patients mentally ill and patients are compelled to take anti-depressant medicines. The main reason for hiding this disease is generally seen to be embarrassment.

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According to Dr Pradeep K Diwan, Senior Director, MAMBS Department at Patparganj Max Super Specialty Hospital, patients with rectal prolapse complain of persistent diarrhea after the initial stage of constipation. Apart from this, inability to control bowel movements and mucus or blood coming from the rectum can also be signs of rectal prolapse. At the same time, patients of rectal prolapse feel that even after passing stool, the rectum is not completely empty yet.

At the same time, Dr. Sandeep Banerjee, surgeon of Apollo Spectra Hospital, says that other symptoms of rectal prolapse include protrusion of the anus during or after defecation, pain in the anus or rectum while standing or walking, blood from the inner lining of the rectum. or leaking of mucus, feeling of bulging from the anus after coughing, sneezing or lifting, needing to strain to have a bowel movement, abdominal pain, frequent constipation, anus-rectal pain, and itching of the anus etc. are also included.

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According to Dr Pradeep K Dewan, rectal prolapse is more common in elderly women, but it can happen to any age group and also to men. As far as why this disease occurs, some of the major causes of this disease include pregnancy, vaginal delivery and weak pelvic muscles. Apart from this, damage to the nerves that control the rectal and anal muscles can also lead to rectal prolapse.

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Apart from this, prolonged constipation and persistent diarrhea also increase the risk of rectal prolapse. Many patients have weakened respiratory and digestive systems due to a genetic disease called cystic fibrosis, due to which there is a risk of rectal prolapse. Apart from this, women also remain at risk of this disease due to spinal cord problem, stoke, hysterectomy, dementia.

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