No more Apathy , Go Carpathy

Gurgaon based startup Carpathy to provide a hassle free car maintenance

Want a hassle free solution for your car maintenance with pick and drop facility? Carpathy is a one stop solution for all your car needs viz car wash, wheel care, regular service and maintenance. It is a network of service stations and trained technicians dedicated to service your car. Carpathy was founded in 2015 by three friends based in Gurgaon, Himanshu Bansal, Akshat Lavania and J Jimmy Yadav. Jimmy and Himanshu had to consult Akshat for all their car problems who was at that time working with Hyundai Quality Care. They identified that the authorized service stations were highly overpriced and it was very hard to find a reliable mechanic in the unorganized market who can offer transparent and quality services. As a result, they started Carpathy to solve these common problems faced by all car owners.


Carpathy aims to solve the core problems pertaining to car servicing industry like variable pricing, hidden charges and service quality. With the vision to standardize the highly unorganized and scattered sectors of car service industry, which holds 60% market share, Carpathy provides handcrafted service packages to individuals and businesses with standard pricing and assured quality. It upkeeps and maintains your car through diversified car care services and maintains transparency for car owners throughout the process. With free pick and drop facility, Carpathy understands the needs of today’s busy professionals by saving time spend on routine round about trips to the service centres. In fast moving markets like NCR where the car resale industry is on a boom, Carpathy also maintains complete service records of the car to ensure high resale value. 


When everyone in the car service industry is trying to list service stations and provide quotations, the core problems of providing quality service and transparent billing to the car owners remains unresolved. Carpathy is working to solve this problem and bring organization to this industry by acting as a managed marketplace for multi-brand service centres by offering standard packages through tech-enabled web and mobile platforms. Carpathy provides a better and easy way for people to book their car services with just a few clicks. Guaranteed customer service, reliable car maintenance and indelible experience every single time with tech-enabled platforms makes Carpathy synonymous to ‘Convenience at your fingertips’.