New Zealand Vs West Indies T20 Super 8 match

T20 World Cup Super 8 league 9th Match

West Indies Vs New Zealand – Fun Intended

It is the very last over of the NZ batting. They had to make  14 runs off the last WI over.

WI Captain Sammy discussed with Samuel, Russel and Gayle and eventually gave the ball to Marlon Samuels. This is just an imaginary conversation that may have taken place.

Sammy : “I think Polllard should bowl the last over. What do you say Chris?”

Chris Gayle : “ I guess that’s the right thing to do “

Samuel : “No no no…. You never ask me to bowl at all I am a good bowler too “

Sammy: “Marlon, keep quite. Pollard just gave away 13 runs in 2 overs”.

Samuel : “Why, he also faced 22 balls and I too faced 22 balls. Whats more I was there for more time than Kieron . It does not really matter if he has made more runs does it?”

Sammy is dumbstruck with this logical argument.

Russel who was quiet all this while, spoke.

Russel: “ I should bowl the last over . After all I did not get to bat much. At least I should be allowed to bowl” Samuel passes the ball to Russel.

Samuel: “ Enough is Enough. You better agree to the following 3 points otherwise I am taking my ball and my stumps home”  (Reminds you of our Gali cricket)

Samuel : “#1 I will bowl the last over. #2 In case of Super over, I will bowl that over too and # 3. I will open the super over with Gayle. You all better agree or else. In fact I will not give stumps and ball to play from next time onwards “

So this how Marlon Samuel came to bowl the last over and rest as they is History.