F1 Buddh Circuit , INDIA

This can happen only in India


This is proving to be an exciting week for all of F1 lovers. Nor so much for the rock lovers as Metallica cancelled their concert on Friday 28-October-2011. Thats a different story



For F1 the fun started with the drivers trying to find their way on the tracks and making a mental map of the circuit using bicycles and scooters!

In fact Jenson Button used an autorickshaw (tkaes the cake, man) to review the track.


Then on the practice sessions , we found a canine interest on the tracks trying to practice what it does best, find a pole position to releive itself 🙂

Dog , giving run for the money at Buddh Circuit


This is one interesting weekend for us Indians.

Let us keep our fingers crossed for the qualifiers which will be in a few minutes from now.