Rain Washed SriLanka VS Australia match

Rain Played spoil sport.

In an otherwise billed as one of the most exciting matches of the league matches, the Group A fixture between Srilanka and Aussies had to be called after SL played over 32 overs batting first.

So now, Pak tops Group A with 6 points after 3 outings and Aussies and Sl are 2nd and 3rd positions with 3 points apiece.

Of course Aussies are ahed of SL because they have only played 2 matches to Srilanka’s 3.

It looks like only 4th slot is available and New Zealand will get it unless something drastic happens in the remaining matches.

However the situation is not as clear in Group B. Clarity will emegrge after this weekend probably.

Let us wait and watch.

My take is SA, India, England and WI in that order. If Ireland wins another match then things may change.

Points Table as on today