England begs India to let them win the second test match in Trent Bridge!

There You are! The captain and the coach of English team begs with the Indian team during the Tea break yesterday to let off Bell. It is quite surprising that the so called Gentlemen of the game literally grovelling. It is a debatable point whther India should have recalled Bell or not. That does not take away the immature behaviour of both the English team and the crowd. I have seen these things while watching cricket in our locality but it ia the first time in International Cricket. The magnanimity may well cost India its number one position. The situation now is that India have to make 478 and just under 2 days and 150 overs left in the match. It also reminds me , just about a year back Cameron , the English Prime Minister, begged India to save its economy. http://www.bnvillage.co.uk/news-politics-village/105551-cameron-begs-india-save-british-economy.html