Aussies Vs Pak ICC World Cup 2011 – Pak Wins


Aussies lost to Pakistan in a Group A match. Earlier Pak had done well to contain Aussies to a paltry total of 176.

Pak batsmen were tentative initially but eventually got the required runs quite comfortably with 4 wickets in hand.

Aussies would get back to their drawing board and see what went wrong.

I saw that except for Brett Lee , none of the bowlers were effective. A closer look suggested that Ponting actually did not attack the Pak batsmen as he would have normally done. Maybe he did not trust his bowlers to deliver or maybe he thought the target was too small. It lloked as if the Aussies had lost the match in their mind before they actually lost on the ground.

Pak heads the table and Aussies are 3rd.

This brings up the interesting possibility of India Playing Australia in their Quarter final match.

All depends on the India VS WIndies match tomorrow.

The winners will play the Aussies in the Quarter Finals.

In case India loses by a very large Margin (not a realistic possibility but an academic one) then India will play Pak in their Quarters 🙂

Interesting possibilities as I said before.