The Divided Island – Book Launch

I had the Goosebumps!

I could see the speaker let a hint of emotion show as he narrated a story from his book. I could see that he was actually reliving the moments when he must have heard this event described first hand from a victim of the horror. There was just a quiver in the words that came out.


Getting Ready with a glass of wine




I am talking about a launch of the book, “This Divided Island” , authored by Samanth Subramanian, a dear friend. This is a book on Sri Lanka in the current times but bearing marks of recent and distant violent past. The book launch was wonderful and the house was full , definitely not  because of wine and snacks. Crowds, in fact, were spilling on the sides.


Kudos to the author and to Asia Society for organizing this event.


I now have with me an autographed book and surely intend to read it sometime and will write a review here.                                   

During the Q&A, amongst others, a thing or two about human behavior were discussed, especially pertaining to the need for lying.

Suhasini Haider looks on as Samanth responds to a question 


I had said above I had the Goosebumps and that was true for me and many others. There was an immediate need felt to do something about the topic in question. Assistance in some form that would mitigate sufferings. However, the minute I stepped out of Cheval restaurant, onto the sidewalk, I was already far away from Sri Lanka and contemplating issues closer at my hand and of my life. In a few moments I sensed that the issues of Sri Lanka was already pushed to some obscure corner of my mind. I am sure such would have been the case with most of the audience who had congregated.

Is that not lying to oneself!

People invade the stage too?