Juhi Parmar looks back as her show Kumkum celebrate 20 years

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Mumbai . As television actress Juhi Parmar’s show ‘Kumkum’ completes 20 years, the actress reminisced about her old days and many fans also reminisced about those times. The show was one of the most popular and iconic shows of its time.

Juhi Parmar shared, “My audience knows me by my name, because I have done different things, but even now when I meet people they tell me that they would have liked to see me as Kumkum. Today, when I wrote something on my social media, my eyes became watery. When I think of Kumkum, my digital family and my goosebumps go up.”

“To me the show, the characters and everything about it is beautiful. In fact I still say it was one of the most progressive shows I’ve ever seen on Indian television, remarrying a widow and many other aspects that are generally considered taboo. It’s our society!”

Hussain Kuwajerwal and Juhi Parmar starrer show aired on Star Plus from 15 July 2002 to 13 March 2009. Well it is now being re-aired on the same channel.

When asked about her friendship with Hussain, the actress said, “Oh we’re like Tom and Jerry! He was a wonderful co-star and it was a treat to work with him.”

Juhi Parmar is a single parent to her 9-year-old daughter Adara.

Juhi said about her comeback on screen, “Working with a child is not easy. That’s why whenever I do something I like to do, I will do it, I can’t decide in a hurry.”

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