Actress Jayashree opens up on working with husband, his ex-girlfriend

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Mumbai . Actress Jayashree Venkataramanan, best remembered for playing the lead role in the TV show “Na Bole Tum Na Maine Kuch Kaha”, is currently shooting for the series “Biwi & Me” with husband Akhlaq Khan and his ex-girlfriend Roopal Tyagi.

She says, “The series was very special for my husband Akhlaq, he is writing, directing and acting in it. We both had been planning it for a while. We wanted to make an episode that would appeal to our audience in the 70’s. Take it back to the decade. The lyrics, the theme, the mood, it’s all.”

“Interestingly, it was earlier just a reel for social media during the lockdown, but the overwhelming response and appreciation from our audience helped us turn it into a digital series. Jayshree’s husband Akhlaq also joined his ex-girlfriend Roopal Tyagi. included in the show.”

On working with her husband’s ex-girlfriend, Jayshree said, “Rupal is a talented actress and a very nice person. My husband was very sure to get her on board. He was genuinely convinced that he would happily- Khushi will come and take the challenge with us. And she was also excited when we approached her.”

“We were all worried as it was a bit difficult to shoot but everything went well on the day of the shoot. Despite my husband being an ex, I never felt awkward or awkward around him. And honestly we are all mature individuals. The past hardly matters. And I never believe in complicating things unnecessarily.”

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