TV celebs told the benefits of different yoga asanas

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Mumbai . On International Yoga Day, TV actors talk about doing different ‘asanas’ and keeping themselves healthy by practicing yoga. Apart from this, the stars also shared with their fans and viewers how yoga helps in leading a stress free life.

Actress Mouli Ganguly says, “Yoga is a retreat for me amidst my stressful life. Lack of exercise, inconsistent sleeping patterns and poor eating habits are significant concerns for actors as they seriously affect their physical and mental health. So my main motivation for doing yoga everyday is to stay on track and maintain my physical fitness.”

The actress adds, “As a regular yoga practitioner, I believe yoga and pranayama are among the oldest and most tried and true methods to reach my goals. Yoga acts as a form of healing for me. Wishing everyone a wonderful day of yoga.”

On the other hand, actress Mehak Ghai insists on practicing yoga for mind and body alertness. She also tells about her favorite asanas. He says, “My favorite yoga asana is Sukhasana because it has a relaxing effect on the mind and body which aids in reducing stress and anxiety. Plus, yoga really helps me focus and hence it Helps make you more attentive and alert. It strengthens back muscles and improves overall body posture.”

TV actress Himani Shivpuri has made yoga a part of her daily routine and she does a variety of asanas for physical strength and fighting illness. He says, “To be honest, I enjoy yoga and do lotus pose or trikonasana for fifteen to twenty minutes every day. I am a diabetic, and doing trikonasana helps me as a medicine and I find it helpful to turn this physical pain into my own strength. When you’re aging, you don’t have to be strong or flexible, it’s not always about looking good.”

“But doing yoga is about self-examination. It’s about taking the time to show myself in a nurturing and sustainable way. I spend a lot of time meditating, which keeps me calm and makes me feel collected.” , leading to a productive lifestyle. I have never felt more beautiful than when I am doing yoga.”

While actress Neha Sargam shares how the Virabhadra asana strengthens the muscles of the arms, shoulders and back she says, “My favorite yoga pose is the Virabhadra asana. This pose strengthens the muscles of the arms, shoulders and back all at once. This asana is considered to be one of the most agile asanas in yoga and it adds a lot of fullness to the workout.”

The actress further adds, “I have always wanted to have strength of body and mind and this asana gives me all that and much more. After doing yoga in the morning I feel energized although I am still learning and all the yoga flows. And I try to get better at asanas.”

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