The Clockwork Man – A traveler’s re(view)

The Clockwork Man Talk of coincidence, I was unpacking my decade old Black Forest Cuckoo Clock from Germany when I received this novel by courier. Oh! What coincidence. I wanted to see if my clock from Germany still worked after so many years. 🙂

When I read the foreword and then the first chapter it sort of let the cat out in the sense that the clockwork man survived the two turns of centuries and was still working.

The Clockwork Man is a science fiction written by a professor of “Novel Writing” Mr William Jablonsky.

The novel is spread over two sets of periods, one in the late 19th century, near Frankfurt, Germany and the other in Milwaukee in the USA in the recent times (2005). Why Milwaukee? Because the author has spent a considerable time in that area. 😀

He describes the trials and tribulations of a machine man, who can Read More »The Clockwork Man – A traveler’s re(view)