8 Hot Facts About Iceland

Things to do in Iceland

If the thought of Iceland conjures up visions of a dull, frozen expanse, think again.  Hot springs, colourful skies, delightful contrasts and lush green valleys punctuated by milky waterfalls are characteristic to Iceland.

Reykjavik – Photo Credit – Diego Delso Location 

You’re sure to catch a glimpse of some of Iceland’s wonders as it makes it to the big league of Bollywood alongside Sharukh Khan and Kajol in Dilwale in the song Gerua. Director Rohit Shetty was reportedly looking for a dreamscape to lend further romance to the song and he chose (with prodding from King Khan himself) Iceland based on its incredibly majestic appearance. Gerua is already making headlines, breaking records and going down in history weeks before the movie is even released! Besides being celebrated for showcasing the amazing on-screen chemistry between Sharukh Khan and Kajol, Gerua has earned fame as the most expensive Bollywood number to be shot overseas. Shetty is evidently certain that the investment was more than justified – he has been quoted saying, “Iceland was the perfect location for Gerua where every locale is untouched and does justice to not only the song but to SRK and Kajol as well.” Apparently cost was hardly a factor – SRK and Rohit Shetty wanted it to be simply mind-blowing.

 Photo Credit – Fran Cano Cabal