Songkran Festival

Thai New Year

Songkran, Thai New year, is celebrated mid April every year. The entire country wears a festive mood and gears up for a multi-day cultural experience. Of late several visitors try to synchronize their visit to Thailand during the festival period and be part of it all.


Thai Tourism department invited me , alongwith other writers and bloggers, to celebrate a scaled down but much fulfilling version of Songkran at Four Seasons, Worli.



Patriotism, Indian Style



The Republic Day, 2013

Happy Republic day, Readers!



It is 6:00A.M. and as usual I am already up and about and going through the motions (pun unintended intentionally 🙂  ). Soon , sweet sound of Lata Mangeshkar wafts through the air singing “Aye mere watan ke logo”. I am for a minute dazed, confused, confounded and soon. Then realization dawns on me.