Olympics 2012

Adiós Londres Olympics 2012

 Good Show India 

What if Sushil did not win the Gold. He  did India proud by winning a medal that too Silver. He is the first individual athlete to win two medals back-to-back. India has put in its best performance ever in the Olympics, albeit we did not win a Gold. 

I can already hear tongues wagging saying that for a country of our size we should have done a lot better. Sure enough, but our problems are pretty peculiar and my intent in this post is not to delve deep into that aspect.  

I recently read a comment by the Sports Minister , Mr Maken, that “India can get 25 medals in Olympics 2012 Out of it, it can be 5 or 10 golds. We cannot specify the number of gold,”. I was amazed at the clarity of thought of Mr Minister as he said this. Wow! I thought to myself. What was the basis of such a confident statement. I could not see anything percetably changed in between the last two Olympics in terms of sports. (I would like purposely not talk about the Commonwealth games too 🙂 ). 


 So what must be the reason. Here are some thoughts that might have occurred to the Minister.