Adiós Londres Olympics 2012

 Good Show India 

What if Sushil did not win the Gold. He  did India proud by winning a medal that too Silver. He is the first individual athlete to win two medals back-to-back. India has put in its best performance ever in the Olympics, albeit we did not win a Gold. 

I can already hear tongues wagging saying that for a country of our size we should have done a lot better. Sure enough, but our problems are pretty peculiar and my intent in this post is not to delve deep into that aspect.  

I recently read a comment by the Sports Minister , Mr Maken, that “India can get 25 medals in Olympics 2012 Out of it, it can be 5 or 10 golds. We cannot specify the number of gold,”. I was amazed at the clarity of thought of Mr Minister as he said this. Wow! I thought to myself. What was the basis of such a confident statement. I could not see anything percetably changed in between the last two Olympics in terms of sports. (I would like purposely not talk about the Commonwealth games too 🙂 ). 


 So what must be the reason. Here are some thoughts that might have occurred to the Minister.

Sushil Kumar Vs Sushil Kumar

 Olympian in line for Gold or Silver in Wrestling 

He has done it again. Sushil Kumar is assured of a medal and he had done well to bring back one last Olympics as well. In a few hours it will be known if he is going to get Silver or Gold. 

There have been a lot of hullaballo about referees being anti Indian , especially from Indian Boxers. The hockey team is pathetically silent at the moment. They know no one will believe a word they say any more. They are deprived of even this excuse.

For once the Indian contingent will not find any fault with the referees , who was blind to some actions that went on . Well all in the name of Sports. 



Teddy Bear Poem

It is funny when people say Teddy BeerInstead of Teddy BearAs long as it is not Toddy BeerIt is ok here!

F1 Buddh Circuit , INDIA

This can happen only in India


This is proving to be an exciting week for all of F1 lovers. Nor so much for the rock lovers as Metallica cancelled their concert on Friday 28-October-2011. Thats a different story