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Kindle Paperwhite – a review

Kindle Paperwhite – a review

Kindle PaperWhite


The doorbell rings. I have been eagerly waiting for this particular delivery for a while now!

Thanks to Amazon … They just sent me a Paperwhite Kindle to be reviewed. I am not new to Kindle , however the thought of holding a brand new state of the art e-book gave me a thrill.

I unpack and switch it on in no time. First thing I notice is the luminescent screen. This is a big improvement from the erstwhile Kindle which could be read only in light.

I download some books and decided to read them during my journey to Bangalore.

The paperwhite is easy on my eyes and the brightness can be controlled by an onscreen slider and of course it is perfectly sized. To turn the page you merely touch the screen or turn a page as you would in a regular book. 

There is a quick online dictionary which can be activated by touching the word for a second or so. To increase or decrease the font size you can pinch-out or pinch-in. There are several easy to access controls at the top.

Connectivity to internet is via wifi which is easy enough to configure and can be used to directly purchase ebooks.  Kindle also comes with a 3G variant and the best part is the 3G connection is already paid-for anywhere in the world! Isn’t that great? Hordes of features such as adding notes, access Wikipedia etc are very useful. Other useful controls and settings can be accessed by a tap at the top of the screen.

This Kindle Paperwhite is thinner and lighter than its predecessors. Battery appears to last forever on a single charge. It comes with USB cable for data interchange and charging but then you can use any of the new mini-USB chargers. Even yoy cell-phone charger may work.

Can the highly portable Paperwhite be able to counter the competitive world of e-book readers, well time will tell.

Look and feel










Battery Life




Overall rating


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Songkran at San-Qi

Songkran at San-Qi



I had the opportunity of lunching at San-Qi as guest of Thailand Tourism as part of Songkran Festival celebration. San-Qi, pronounced as San-chi, dishes out delectable fare from Thailand, Japan, China and India. I, of course, was here to taste the Thai cuisine prepared by Seefah, the Chef.



San-Qi is located in the Four Seasons Hotel in Worli, with street level entry next to the main hotel entrance.  I handover my car keys to the valet and enter into  warm and cozy atmosphere of the restaurant. I am directed to the second level for the Songkran festivities. All walls of the staircase to the second level is lined with empty wine bottles of all sizes and shapes. This already gives you a heady feeling of all the wine you may get to drink soon;) . The bar itself is at the ground level. I make a mental note that the lower level is empty. Does it speak for what is in store for me?

Second level ambience is friendlier and is probably meant for larger groups such as ours. The best of the celebration is the sit-down lunch.

The menu spread for the occasion read like this.


Crispy papaya salad with grilled chicken charcoal flavor – Som Tam thod gai yang

Deep fried spinach salad tamarind sauce (V) – Yam pak kom thod grob


Deep fried spinach salad tamarind sauce


Seared Tuna spicy salad – Yam Tuna yang

Spicy Crispy sticky rice salad (V) – Yam kao neaw Thod

Spicy Crispy sticky rice salad


Stir fried Scallop lemon grass sauce – Hoy shall phad sauce ta khai

Braised eggplant, silken tofu Thai soya sauce (V) – Ma kuay muang tuun see aew kaw

Braised eggplant, silken tofu Thai soya sauce


Mango sticky rice – Koa neaw ma muang

Mango sticky rice

Course after course , served by friendly professional staff, is excellent. Hooray, to Seefah when she makes her appearance. We greeted each other with the traditional “Namaste” (Greeting with folded hands is also used in Thaland). We all stuffed ourselves while she explained the various dishes and finished with the traditional Mango-Sticky rice with a difference. The difference being the alphonso mango 🙂

The Chef- Seefah Ketchaiyo saying “Namaste” 


When I say my good byes to the host and climb down I can see the whole the whole of ground level completely full. Better make reservations!

Location ***
Ambience ****
Price  $$$$
Service *****
Menu Spread *****
Food Quality ****
Valet Parking ****
Kid Friendly **
Bar ****
Seats 180
Address/Phone  114 Dr. E. Moses Road, Worli, Mumbai, India
Reservation  Recommended


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Lunchbox – Dabba

Lunchbox – Dabba

Review of Lunchbox – Dabba

It all starts with the one error in 8 million deliveries that “Mumbai Dabbawalas” make. Well they made it and that is the beginning of this story.

Irrfan is his superlative self giving the best and the spice of comedy sprinkled adequately by Nawazuddin of Gangs of Wasseypur fame. The newcomer Nimrit performed reasonably in her role as a wife to a professional. The story could have been much better and much crisper. The length of the movie could have been pruned given the story.


It has been widely acclaimed and has won in film festivals from Cannes , the Critics’ Week Viewers Choice Award and in Amsterdam the audience award.

Is it a love story? One would like to think so but to me it is more like people trying to escape the realities of life. One has too many problems and then one day one wants to run away from it all.

The plot revolves around a widower, Sajan (Irrfan), perhaps from an insurance company who is about to retire and the wife Ela (played by Nimrit)) of a professional something who takes care of the child and makes food for the husband and so on. One day the Lunchbox she has prepared for her husband gets delivered to the wrong person, Sajan. He likes the food and finishes it completely (unlike her husband,who never used to). That evening she realizes that there has been a mistake by the dabbawala.

Here is where the plot thickens. At the behest of the Auntie (living a floor above, whom we never get a sight of) , she resorts to writing letters in the box (Instead of rectifying the mistake) and gets replies too.

Sheikh (Nawazuddin) provides the laughs; otherwise the movie would have been a bit monotonous. Watching it late at night does not help either.

Worth a see if you don’t have anything else to do.

Rating as follows
Direction       ****
Story            **
Performance ****
Overall          ***

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The Clockwork Man – A traveler’s re(view)

The Clockwork Man Talk of coincidence, I was unpacking my decade old Black Forest Cuckoo Clock from Germany when I received this novel by courier. Oh! What coincidence. I wanted to see if my clock from Germany still worked after so many years. 🙂

When I read the foreword and then the first chapter it sort of let the cat out in the sense that the clockwork man survived the two turns of centuries and was still working.

The Clockwork Man is a science fiction written by a professor of “Novel Writing” Mr William Jablonsky.

The novel is spread over two sets of periods, one in the late 19th century, near Frankfurt, Germany and the other in Milwaukee in the USA in the recent times (2005). Why Milwaukee? Because the author has spent a considerable time in that area. 😀

He describes the trials and tribulations of a machine man, who can (more…)

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One day in Europe

A few days back I watched the movie One day in Europe. Written and directed by Hannes Stöhr, it revolves around four different incidents in four different cities in Europe in a single day. Sad part is, I have not been to any of those cities (Moscow, Istanbul, Berlin, Santiago de Compostela). 🙁

The movie is related to travel and all the four stories have something in common… A visit to police station mainly to collect a police report to be used to claim insurance. The protagonists are strangers in the respective countries with little or no knowledge of the local language. The miscommunication happens and the police scenes are fun to watch. Through this film the director tries to highlight a small share of each of the different cultures. The script cleverly uses the potential provided by language barriers. Soccer in Europe can not be ignored and it plays a silent significant role in the movie showing how the policemen are more interested in the game and care little for the loss of the tourist. There is a Hungarian teacher who is travelling through whole of Europe and has lost his camera in Santiago. Saddened, he tells the policeman that pictures are more important than the camera since they hold a memory for him. Obviously, the policeman thinks he is insane. Ok, I will not reveal the story… What I liked the most was smooth (with a tinge of animation) transition from one city to another, combined with a soccer match in the background which actually links the stories together. All in all the movie is quite entertaining and shows why I really enjoy Europe. 😀 ——-

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