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New Zealand Vs West Indies T20 Super 8 match

New Zealand Vs West Indies T20 Super 8 match

T20 World Cup Super 8 league 9th Match

West Indies Vs New Zealand – Fun Intended

It is the very last over of the NZ batting. They had to make  14 runs off the last WI over.

WI Captain Sammy discussed with Samuel, Russel and Gayle and eventually gave the ball to Marlon Samuels. This is just an imaginary conversation that may have taken place.

Sammy : “I think Polllard should bowl the last over. What do you say Chris?”

Chris Gayle : “ I guess that’s the right thing to do “

Samuel : “No no no…. You never ask me to bowl at all I am a good bowler too “

Sammy: “Marlon, keep quite. Pollard just gave away 13 runs in 2 overs”.

Samuel : “Why, he also faced 22 balls and I too faced 22 balls. Whats more I was there for more time than Kieron . It does not really matter if he has made more runs does it?”

Sammy is dumbstruck with this logical argument.

Russel who was quiet all this while, spoke.

Russel: “ I should bowl the last over . After all I did not get to bat much. At least I should be allowed to bowl” Samuel passes the ball to Russel.

Samuel: “ Enough is Enough. You better agree to the following 3 points otherwise I am taking my ball and my stumps home”  (Reminds you of our Gali cricket)

Samuel : “#1 I will bowl the last over. #2 In case of Super over, I will bowl that over too and # 3. I will open the super over with Gayle. You all better agree or else. In fact I will not give stumps and ball to play from next time onwards “

So this how Marlon Samuel came to bowl the last over and rest as they is History. 

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First day of Twenty-20 World Cup 2012

First day of Twenty-20 World Cup 2012

World of Twenty Twenty


Ahh.. I can already hear some of you murmuring that this guy has lost it. I can hear them say The world cup started on 18th and this guy is so late to write this story.



The first 6 matches were so one sided, where the strong teams were pitted against aspiring teams , that of Zimbabwe, Ireland, Bangladesh and Afghanistan.


I would have expected at least Bangladesh to put up some good show. Of course a lot of my friends say that India got a scare. I personally don’t believe that. There was no doubt in anybody’s mind that India would win. Of course, we all know India starts a bit rusty and squeaky.

Coming back to today’s matches which I call as the opening matches. The weather played its role as a spoil sport.
First one was a complete farce according to me. There is no point playing a 7 over game . Come on , All the players come out all decked up and you don’t even allow them to show off to the crowds.

The second match was , though not evenly poised , was a good one with Gayle continuing his storm and ably supported by Samuels got to an impressive score of 191. But the aussies never say die attitude quickly showed that they are a team to reckon with. Aussies won by D-L but there was no doubt in mind about their winning anyway even after WI made 191, which is a tall score by any standards. (Not good for me , since I bet on WIndies winning).


There is something in the wickets for pacemen here in Srilanka. Which is a surprise and I am sure all teams are back in their respective war-rooms strategizing over drinks!


This question does bug me at times. 

Should the weak 4 teams be allowed to play in the world cup at all?



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Adiós Londres Olympics 2012

Adiós Londres Olympics 2012

 Good Show India 

What if Sushil did not win the Gold. He  did India proud by winning a medal that too Silver. He is the first individual athlete to win two medals back-to-back. India has put in its best performance ever in the Olympics, albeit we did not win a Gold. 

I can already hear tongues wagging saying that for a country of our size we should have done a lot better. Sure enough, but our problems are pretty peculiar and my intent in this post is not to delve deep into that aspect.  

I recently read a comment by the Sports Minister , Mr Maken, that “India can get 25 medals in Olympics 2012 Out of it, it can be 5 or 10 golds. We cannot specify the number of gold,”. I was amazed at the clarity of thought of Mr Minister as he said this. Wow! I thought to myself. What was the basis of such a confident statement. I could not see anything percetably changed in between the last two Olympics in terms of sports. (I would like purposely not talk about the Commonwealth games too 🙂 ). 


 So what must be the reason. Here are some thoughts that might have occurred to the Minister.

 1. In 2008 we got 3 , in 2012 we won 6 medals. So going by the geometric progression , in 2016 it would be double of 6 that is 12 and in 2020 … Voila – 24 , plus there might be genuine individual performer would win a medal despite our sporting authorities. This also takes care of the statement that he is not able to predict the number of Gold 🙂 🙂

2. We sent 83 Athletes and we won 6 gold. In 2016 we will send in 166 and so on.  

3. Or is it the number of officials that matter. More officials, more medals.  

4. Maybe it has to do with the inflation rate. Number of medals in 2012 – 6 . Applying a annualized rate of income at 20% a year , year on year the cumulative figure is around 25 🙂 🙂 🙂 … Ha, What about that?

Come on Minister, let us not waste time making tall claims . Do something concrete and different to get different results. We all know the GIGO (Garbage in Garbage out) principle,  is’nt it. The athletes have the potential but you need to develop the right environment for them to train. Just talking is not going to get us medals. 



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Sushil Kumar Vs Sushil Kumar

Sushil Kumar Vs Sushil Kumar

 Olympian in line for Gold or Silver in Wrestling 

He has done it again. Sushil Kumar is assured of a medal and he had done well to bring back one last Olympics as well. In a few hours it will be known if he is going to get Silver or Gold. 

There have been a lot of hullaballo about referees being anti Indian , especially from Indian Boxers. The hockey team is pathetically silent at the moment. They know no one will believe a word they say any more. They are deprived of even this excuse.

For once the Indian contingent will not find any fault with the referees , who was blind to some actions that went on . Well all in the name of Sports. 



Go and get it Sushil. Fortunately for us we root for the Olympian Sushil. There is another one who is in the News now-a-days…Sushil the politician (Home Minister). He does not get my vote… sorry. Especially after his lousy remarks in the Parliament against Jaya, not withstanding he having to eat his words. Remind me of the great “Foot-in-mouth” disease that seems to afflict all our politicians.




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F1 Buddh Circuit , INDIA

F1 Buddh Circuit , INDIA

This can happen only in India


This is proving to be an exciting week for all of F1 lovers. Nor so much for the rock lovers as Metallica cancelled their concert on Friday 28-October-2011. Thats a different story



For F1 the fun started with the drivers trying to find their way on the tracks and making a mental map of the circuit using bicycles and scooters!

In fact Jenson Button used an autorickshaw (tkaes the cake, man) to review the track.


Then on the practice sessions , we found a canine interest on the tracks trying to practice what it does best, find a pole position to releive itself 🙂

Dog , giving run for the money at Buddh Circuit


This is one interesting weekend for us Indians.

Let us keep our fingers crossed for the qualifiers which will be in a few minutes from now.


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Vinod Kambli and his tryst with cricket

Vinod Kambli retires from active Cricket.

This appears to be the joke of the day. When I read this news today I thought I was reading a decade old newspaper. Next thing I wanted to know was if today was the “all fools day”. According to me he’d retired from active cricket 15 years back


Don’t get me wrong, he has an impressive record. 35 first class centuries.

In test cricket he averages over 50 runs an innings. He has scored 2 double centuries and that too early in his life, 3rd and 4th test. All this could have been better had he concentrated on his game a bit more.



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Rahul Dravid Slams 3 sixes in a row

Contrary to every ones belief, including Dravid’s own, he slams 3 sixes off Samit R Patel in todays 20-20 against England. Mind It! This is his first 20-20 , I think. I just could not believe that Dravid has so much Cricket in him and he is planning to retire.

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England thrash India in Cricket 2nd Test at Trent Bridge

With all the hullabaloo following the third days events. England literally thrashed the number 1 team India in the 3rd test. I guess it eventually did not matter whether Bell was out or not. India were 319 runs behind when they were bundled out in under 4 days. Till now India has not scored even 300 runs in any of its innings. May be Sehwag’s entry will augur well. Indian bowling lacked the penetration and Zaheer’s absence was sorely felt, Only Sachin Tendulkar offered any semblance of resistance, who under the mother of all stress of achieving hundred 100s was out after scoring a valiant 56. Final score in the second test – England 221 & 544 ; India 288 & 158 (47.4 overs).

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England begs India to let them win the second test match in Trent Bridge!

There You are! The captain and the coach of English team begs with the Indian team during the Tea break yesterday to let off Bell. It is quite surprising that the so called Gentlemen of the game literally grovelling. It is a debatable point whther India should have recalled Bell or not. That does not take away the immature behaviour of both the English team and the crowd. I have seen these things while watching cricket in our locality but it ia the first time in International Cricket. The magnanimity may well cost India its number one position. The situation now is that India have to make 478 and just under 2 days and 150 overs left in the match. It also reminds me , just about a year back Cameron , the English Prime Minister, begged India to save its economy.

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ICC World Cup 2011 – India Vs West Indies

India bats first in their match against West Indies.

India Wins toss and decides to bat.


Sachin already gone in the first over.

Sachin Tendulkar showing fine sportsmanship left on his own volition on a catch behind appeal, which the Umpire had given as not out.

How many players now-a-days do that I wonder.

This was off the bowling of Rampaul playing his first World Cup match today.


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Aussies Vs Pak ICC World Cup 2011 – Pak Wins


Aussies lost to Pakistan in a Group A match. Earlier Pak had done well to contain Aussies to a paltry total of 176.

Pak batsmen were tentative initially but eventually got the required runs quite comfortably with 4 wickets in hand.

Aussies would get back to their drawing board and see what went wrong.

I saw that except for Brett Lee , none of the bowlers were effective. A closer look suggested that Ponting actually did not attack the Pak batsmen as he would have normally done. Maybe he did not trust his bowlers to deliver or maybe he thought the target was too small. It lloked as if the Aussies had lost the match in their mind before they actually lost on the ground.

Pak heads the table and Aussies are 3rd.

This brings up the interesting possibility of India Playing Australia in their Quarter final match.

All depends on the India VS WIndies match tomorrow.

The winners will play the Aussies in the Quarter Finals.

In case India loses by a very large Margin (not a realistic possibility but an academic one) then India will play Pak in their Quarters 🙂

Interesting possibilities as I said before.




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Aussies Vs Pak ICC World Cup 2011 – Aussie Batting first

Aussies are pushing their winning streak. Last time they were defeated was in 1999 and by Pak.

Now Suddenly it appears that Pakistan will beat Aussies in 2011. Aussies were curtailed at 176. Bundled out! To top it they could not play the 50 overs. They waere all out in the 47th over! Their lowest total since 1992.

Not the Aussies we know!

I do think  Ponting’s behavior in the previous match might have pulled the morale down of the team.

Pakistan were jubilant after their outstanding display of bowling and fielding.

Pakistan now have a great chance of topping the table. In which case it is almost certain that Pak wont be meeting India in the Quarters.

None of the aussies reached 50. Haddin top scored with 42. Let us wait for Pakistan innings.

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Thundering Taylor ICC NZ Vs Pak

Last overs’ blitzkrieg from Taylor helps New Zealand post 302 in their world cup 2011 ODI match against favorites Pakistan.

At the end of 44 overs (188 for 5), it looked as if a modest total of 220 was on the cards for NZ. NZ players were not able to get going at any point in their innings except for a brief while by Guptill. Then it happened.

Afridi in his 45th over was thrashed by McCullum N and Taylor for 14 runs, before being to Umar Gul in the following over off the last ball.

Shoaib Akhtar in his 47th over started bowling full tosses and wides, went  for 28, highest in an over in this tournament so far. but the record was short lived. In the 49th over razzaq was thrashed for 30 runs by Taylor. Oram joined the fun in the last over hitting Rehman for 2 huge sixes before being out caught.


Pakistan in its reply had accepted defeat in the 15th over , it appeared. They were 46 for 5 . Except for a tentative 50 by Razaaq later in their innings none of the Pak player could play well. It looked as if they had lost in thier minds much before they actually lost the match.

Final Score NZ – 302 for 7 , Pak – 192 all out.

Man of the match Ross Taylor. It probably was his best birthday gift ever.



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Rain Washed SriLanka VS Australia match

Rain Played spoil sport.

In an otherwise billed as one of the most exciting matches of the league matches, the Group A fixture between Srilanka and Aussies had to be called after SL played over 32 overs batting first.

So now, Pak tops Group A with 6 points after 3 outings and Aussies and Sl are 2nd and 3rd positions with 3 points apiece.

Of course Aussies are ahed of SL because they have only played 2 matches to Srilanka’s 3.

It looks like only 4th slot is available and New Zealand will get it unless something drastic happens in the remaining matches.

However the situation is not as clear in Group B. Clarity will emegrge after this weekend probably.

Let us wait and watch.

My take is SA, India, England and WI in that order. If Ireland wins another match then things may change.

Points Table as on today

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ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Points table as on 5-Mar-2011

ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 Points table as on 5-Mar-2011



Points Table as on 5-Mar-2011


Points Table as on 5-March-2011

Points Table as on 5-March-2011


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